WiFi in sports stadiums.

WiFi Now Coming to a Stadium Near You

Sports stadiums and other major public venues have begun installing WiFi networks that provide continuous free wireless access to patrons in all concourses and seating areas.
Stadiums by their very nature attract large crowds — with anywhere between thirty to one hundred thousand fans crowded into a venue, all using their portable devices to communicate with each other and the outside world while watching the action below.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) health dangers.

Swiss Insurance Company Warns of Significant Losses as a Result of EMF Radiation

According to a recently released insurance risk report published by a leading insurance firm, ‘unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields’ could result in a flood of insurance claims that  would translate into significant liability losses for the industry.
The report, titled Swiss Re SONAR — Emerging Risk Insights, released by Swiss Reinsurance in June 2013, addresses risks that could affect the insurance industry moving forward.